ASDoc Viewer

asdoc viewer

SilverStripe Version 3.0 Required

Required Modules

The ASDoc viewer module is by far my most advanced module I've done for personal use. Simply put its a way for you to upload your ASDocs, have SilverStripe render them but without all the common junk all ASDoc outputs contain saving space on your server. The module uses the ASDoc files you upload to the docs folder inside the module for parsing, which mainly is done to fix links, references to JavaScript, CSS etc, then the resulting output is cached in the assets folder in a file called .asdoc_cache (the dot is to hide the folder from SilverStripe's "Files & Images" section. When a user hits your asdocs say for example (FlOS would be the folder name you placed in the modules docs folder) the cached version is used if it exists. If it doesn't or the file in the docs folder has a date newer than that of the cached version the cache file will be generated again.

The module currently supports adding a custom logo to the ASDocs, which is placed where the Adobe Logo would normally be in a non-frame view of the ASDocs such as on the official Adobe Live Docs. As well the module supports defining a security group to restrict access to the ASDocs, by default however it is completely open, anyone can hit them. For instance on this site you must be logged in as a Portfolio Member or a Administrator who always have full access to the ASDocs. One feature however less important is the ability to set the default view mode of ASDocs, from frames or no-frames. In No-Frames mode the default page a user views is the Package Summery page, however in Frames mode then a frame is added to the left, one for packages and one for all classes. A preference thing more than anything but still a feature.

As with all projects on this site it is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License if you would like to use this in your project just give credit were credit is due. If you are a commercial entitly please use the contact me link at the top of this page to request permisson to use this on your website(s).