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Rebuilding Code Bank

Nov 24, 2013

Code Bank has been one of my most popular applications, it started as purely a desktop application and with the release of 2.0 I developed a web interface.

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Headless Building on Linux

Aug 24, 2010

Recently I started an experiment, the server powering this blog and the rest of my website is a Ubuntu Server machine with an Intel Core i7 processor @2.66ghz and 12gb...

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Application Release: Code Bank

Jul 30, 2010

With the serverside application you can share a code snippit library between multiple users. If you would like to use the serverside application please use the contact form here to...

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Application Release: Halo Stats Archiver: Desktop Edition

Jul 23, 2010

You can download HSA: DE from the Adobe AIR Marketplace or directly from this site. Hit the jump for abit of interesting ActionScript 3 binary flags work.

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Apple's Shot at CS5

Apr 10, 2010

So in case you missed it (which I don't know how anyone could have) Apple has made a change to the iPhone SDK agreement that effectively kills the iPhone Packager...

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HTML5 and the Death of Flash... or not

Feb 11, 2010

With the recent iPad announcement with no flash support once again there has been a quite a bit of chatter around the internet about HTML5 and how it will be...

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The tale of the lost session (FileReference.upload)

Feb 21, 2009

In one of my recent projects the client wanted a user files system included in the site.

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