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HSA: DE 2.0 is a complete rebuild from its predecessor, built on the power of the Adobe AIR platform it brings easyer installing, updating and a slick new design. As well as easyer install and many other mass improvements HSA is platform independent.
My personal website has gone though several changes in the past few years, from a design that looked like something out of the mid 90s to a transparent glass look to this revision. In the past my website was everything from just simply a place on the web, to a news center for my programs I publicly released and now to my professional portfolio.
Code Bank was built out of my need for a good snippit management system some where to store my most common and reusable classes or snippits. I've looked into existing ones and never found one that I liked or had the features I wanted.
This project was my Capstone 2008 project, I really enjoyed this project. It was designed to look and function like a desktop OS (Gnome to be spacific). Though the project is technically completed as far as NSCC is concerned I intend to keep working on this project, it has soo much potential and I don't plan to let just go stagnant in this portfolio.
This project was my final project for 3D Fundementals. I spent meny hours on this model, it has everything from two types of chairs to the light switches. I'm not sure of the total poly count... But it's alot.