One of the most useful features in Aaron Carlino's (aka UncleChease) dataobject_manager module was it's ability to do drag and drop re-ordering of "DataObjects" in SilverStripe. During the beta's of SilverStripe 3 while I was working on migrating my own website I started building SortableGridField a replacement if you will of dataobject_manager's drag and drop re-ordering.

code view
Code Bank

Code Bank was built out of my need for a good snippit management system some where to store my most common and reusable classes or snippits. I've looked into existing ones and never found one that I liked or had the features I wanted. Many get the job done, but have a rather clunky interface and for that matter ugly.

Sean Morrow Letter

Sean was one of my teachers at the NSCC Truro campus, his wealth of knowledge and his exceptional personality made for a great learning experience. Sean's teaching ability makes me think he could take anyone and make them a very capable web developer be it in Flash/Flex or His in class demonstrations and explanations a simple and extremely clear making it easy for anyone to learn in his classes.

asdoc viewer
ASDoc Viewer

The ASDoc viewer module is by far my most advanced module I've done for personal use. Simply put its a way for you to upload your ASDocs, have SilverStripe render them but without all the common junk all ASDoc outputs contain saving space on your server.

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i18n Translation System

While working on a new project I developed a translation system. This does not do the translation on its own but more is more like a language file system. It is highly modeled after the one in the SilverStripe CMS the one that powers this website.

Diff Package

This package like so much of the other things in my portfolio was built out of a need, in this case in the growing application Code Bank I was adding support for local databases. In doing so I was essentially detaching a project from it's server side dependencies though it is still there for those who need it.

I have more samples available in my portfolio for logged in visitors, if you do not have a login click the contact me link above to request a login.


I've been interested in programming and Web Development for a long time. I started programming in C++ but later moved to PHP, and have since moved to using primarily Flash/Flex for front-end development now. Recently I graduated from NSCC Truro campus'es Interactive and Motion Graphics: Flash Developer course with a Flash Developer diploma.

My programming skills have lead me to work for the Chignecto Central Regional School Board's Information Technology Department on a very ambitious project called techMap (School Maps) and now to Webbuilders Group where I am currently a full time employee with my primary focus in SilverStripe Development the cms that powers this website.

Even though my primary focus at home is on Flash and Flex at the current time, I'm still doing allot of backend work with PHP at work and for my home projects. I recently started using Zend Framework for their AMF communication classes which Adobe contributed. Using AMF seems to increase the speed of communication between my server and the flash application running on the clients machine dramatically no more useless xml tags just pure binary data. The trade off however seems to be the dramatic learning curve that it has but as I've been told before I seem to catch onto new programming stuff fast.